The Arbor Story

Arbor Construction brings a dedication to quality and service that is often overlooked in today’s world. Our goal, while building your home… improving your living space… restoring your piece of the American dream… upgrading your office space… or keeping your investment in tact, is to ease your stress and exceed your expectations by completing all projects on budget, on time and to exacting specifications. We treat every project as if it were our own. We thank everyone who has given us the opportunity to serve them and look forward to serving you!

Arbor Construction was the culmination of the long time dream of Brian Macuga, the Founder and Owner. Before graduating from the University of Michigan in 1994, Brian spent several summers knee deep in the basics of building a home; digging footings, cleaning up at day’s end, laying tile, framing walls, etc. It was clear that he was destined to be a home builder. No one knew just how serious he was.

After graduation, Brian continued in the industry working with a custom home builder in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he added to his home building education. Building on what he learned in the summers during college, he accepted the task of building a 5500+ square foot, adobe styled custom home, from the ground up. There were many challenges along the way which helped form his way of looking at problems and arriving at the various solutions, given the customer’s perspective.

Upon completion of the custom build, Brian joined a contracting team working on various remodeling projects throughout Santa Fe as simple as installing wood burning stoves and as complicated as framing a custom home in the foothills of Santa Fe. As someone who wanted to expand his horizons, Brian moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he continued to manage specialized projects like the completion of a house on Lake Wedowee, Alabama.

As fun and complex as the home on Lake Wedowee was, it was just a stepping stone to the next phase of his career, production home building. At the end of 1996, Brian joined a local production home builder in Atlanta as part of the Customer Relations team, troubleshooting home warranty concerns. Many of the day to day warranty items were not as interesting as what he had hoped for, but the opportunity to work with customers across the spectrum proved to be valuable in his development. Some of the greatest moments in his service career were when he was able to resolve major structural problems for customers who had put their trust in the builder he represented.

It didn’t take long for Brian to realize that the best way to serve the customer was to build it right the first time. Using any available resource, he quickly started the search for building practices that benefited the home owners. This drive, his ability to service the customer, and his ability to bring many different components and personalities together propelled his career, eventually taking him to Charlotte, North Carolina where he managed the production of several hundred homes across multiple price points.

In 2002, Brian, his wife Tisha and their 2 children moved to Orlando, Florida where he accepted a new opportunity with an even larger national builder where he learned yet another aspect of home building. It was in Orlando that he was introduced to the differences between Commercial and Residential construction. That knowledge served him well when he and his family moved back to Charlotte as the Vice President of Construction for the same national builder. For five and a half years, he lead a team building and servicing over 3,700 homes, including four story condominiums, town homes, single family homes, and villas. Under his leadership the construction and service teams placed in the top 5 of national, independent customer service surveys. In 3 of the five years, they placed first and third for overall quality and customer service.

In August of 2009, the Macuga’s opened the door to a new venture for the family. With the loving support of his five children, his wife Tisha, and some very supporting friends and family, Arbor Construction continues to complete projects in the Charlotte Metropolitan area.