South Charlotte Flood Renovation

Coming home to a flooded house is devastating, chaotic and at the very least annoying.  Arbor Construction helped these South Charlotte put their home back together and make improvements in the process.  Below you can see the before and after photographs of the kitchen.

Sometimes you need things just put back to normal and sometimes the disaster allows you to make improvements you have been wanting.  As you can see with the kitchen, the custom cabinetry, backsplash and hood make a fresh, new, lovely space.


Next, above, we see the laundry room improvements.  This room has wonderful natural light and didn’t need much to design work to make it a workspace that is beautiful.


Finally, the flood in the home was made into a very large disaster because the home had a full basement. Gravity did its work and the first floor and basement were the victims.  This family took the opportunity to lighten up the previous dark paneling and make the basement a great recreation room for all ages.

We at Arbor Construction hope you never have a disaster in your home.  But know we are here to help in the event something like this happens to your home.