Architectural/Design Services

New home construction can be one of your best investments and a dream come true.  Some homeowners are interested in new trends and modern materials while others like to stick with traditional materials such as wood and stone to incorporate Mother Nature in the design.

Arbor Construction has the flexibility to meet your needs whether you are building your dream home from the ground up, building a home as an investment property or need to find a new home that is move in ready.

The photo below shows an Arbor Construction home custom built for a home owner who found the lot of their dreams. Arbor worked with the homeowner to design plans and then tweak them to their exact specifications and needs.   The result was something that the homeowner could call their own in every way.

Beautiful new whole home remodel

Since real estate in Charlotte is typically a great investment, we have several investors that we build new homes for. We consult with the investor, the realtor and then use our knowledge of the area to design and build homes that will make the investment a home run. Below see an example of a new home that was design and build by Arbor.
Modern style home remodel

Sometimes homeowners need a home that is ready to move into NOW!  Arbor Construction has an inventory of homes in various stages of construction that will be ready in weeks or months.  This is an example of an Arbor home that was ready for a homeowner to move into today!
large home with two car garage separated
Whatever your homebuilding needs are, Arbor Construction is there to walk you through the process that leaves you with a home we can all be proud